A Musical Thank You from my band : As The City Rumbles Underneath

Said and Done (Naked) - As The City Rumbles Underneath  Art Ashton Price ©

Said and Done (Naked) – As The City Rumbles Underneath
Art Ashton Price ©

So , amongst the wonder of creativity, singing and sharing- my producer / co writer Ashton Price and I wanted to Thank You Guys For sharing our music all around the world = It means a lot .

Wait to see what happens in 2014 – !!!!!!

we have some videos coming up in December .

I thought there was 1 , now there are 2 !

So I am gearing up for the busiest month of 2013 .

We deconstructed one of our songs and made in Raw ….

And we are giving away this Version of  Said and Done 

through SoundCloud -

where it says DOWNLOAD :) xx smiles x

We like to think our band has a great sound/production but at the heart of it we are songwriters and love writing music and lyrics. We thought it would be fun to redo one of our songs stripped down with just piano and vocals to showcase the song itself. If we get a good response we may do some our other songs like this. Hope you enjoy!

Cat Forsley & Ashton Price 

and please do visit Cha ….

Her art will amaze you = her new video is Up , and …yes Cat – Take a breath !……….smiles :)-

Marina  has a Passion Feature  coming up on the First of December .

yes ……..breathing .

Happy Thanksgiving time to all .

In Canada we celebrate in October – But no matter -

Thank You is still one of the most beautiful expressions ever .

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY – all the vocals and music = DONE !

now time for Videos and My audio book stuff = MORE …..!


EnJoy .

Cat Forsley

Almost the end of the YEAR ! What ? !!!!!!!

So it hit me – A few days ago …

It’s almost the end of 2013 …….

Oh My Goodness !

And Then I reflected and went WOW …..

And Then I looked at The Present

and said WOW WOW WOW!

How much has been accomplished in a YEAR

That was my reflection .

Musically – In The best place Ever .

My Audio book - OH MY GOODNESS – what a great response – Thank You !

Was In The studio yesterday and again on Friday .

2 More songs will be done before the year ends !

What day is It > SMILES :)

My Band has One more Video to film before 2014.

the remix of I AM YOU ARE

Just read the Treatment for the video and I am Beyond excited ….

So There are tons and tons of things to do, create, arrange before the end of the year …..

Less Blogging – More DOING !

I am Starting a new program of Mixed Martial Arts today …..

This Cat has another Goal = YES ……

Black Belt !


Cha has a new Video – YAY Cha ! that i have created for her – coming up on the 26th of this month .

Click on her name :)

and i am sure it will be on her site a few days after (wonderful artist)

Marina has a Passion Feature coming up December 1st

click click …!

So Yeah …… and some silly pics from Yesterday ……

me :)

silly in the studio ....

silly in the studio ….

me :)

and to be TOTALLY GOOFY …….


yeah i know .... Goofy ....:)

yeah i know …. Goofy ….:)

This has been the VERY best year thus far in my life …..

and well , 2014 is gonna rock even  harder …..

I just Know it …..

You know when You just Know !

So See You Guys when stuff is DONE ……

and a little WAKE UP music ….


Empathy- Crystal Castles

and a QUOTE I LOVE ……

about DOING ….

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney

Cat Forsley




What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!

What a week you guys !

So Grateful ……

Thank You for all the wonderful review of 100 Days Of Love 

From Across The Globe = wow ….UK , Canada (home) and The States ……so far ;) another WOW.

Now I am exhausted .. Good exhausted …..

Here is One more beautiful review from Pamela Kimmell 

She is an author and artist and has an AMAZINGLY beautiful Cat Named Sammy ..

I have fallen in love with Him ……….

Here he is …

Thank You Pam and Sammy !  Click On the image to read Her Video :)

Thank You Pam and Sammy !
Click On the image to read Her Review of my audio book

If You click On Pamela’s name – in blue – above You can get to ONE of her blogs :)

Also , My band has a new Little Q & A up ..

We Filmed it a few weeks ago ……before Hearts Expire was aired On Degrassi .

if You click on Degrassi – you can watch the episode in Canada

and Maybe the US – not sure …..

We have a new Twitter account as well

and You can find us on Reverbnation and Soundcloud 

and This is Our YouTube  channel

so many Links …I know :) smiles :)

SO much Good stuff , I can hardly keep up ……


I am Uppp for all things amazing ,

that allow me to be Creative and Expressive:

Always have been , Always will I be !

So Thank You For The Reviews on My audio Book

and The beautiful Interviews and Shares from friends …

I truly appreciate it ………

Wishing You a beautiful weekend

and see You soon !






Cat Forsley

Interview with Cat Forsley, Author of 100 Days of Love

Cat Forsley:

Wow Universe …..Hello :) More Beauty and Gratitude !!!!!!!! In absolute Awe of everything today – well everyday – (In Truth) …..

(Today) Well  There is something so different about today ………
Thank You To Christy Birmingham , poet and author – if you click the link you can see her wonderful book !!!!!!!!

Thank You for this wonderful interview …………..

Immense Gratitude …
Cat Forsley

Originally posted on Poetic Parfait:

Cover of 100 Days of Love, by Cat Forsley

Beautiful Audiobook… Out now!

This book, this book, I’m excited to talk about this audiobook!

100 Days of Love is a beautiful compilation of spoken poetry, by Cat Forsley. Can you say, “A breath of fresh air”? I can, do, love it!

I recently won a copy of this book (how cool!) and could not wait to interview Cat about her audiobook. It is 40 minutes of beautiful poetry. I played it on my computer and enjoyed this soothing collection of romance; it focuses on sweet ties between one man and one woman. I felt my soul elevate as I enjoyed the artistic words.

Of course, what else would I expect but beautiful words and enchanting voice from talented Toronto-based musician Cat Forsley? If you don’t follow her work, she is the lead singer in the band  As The City Rumbles Underneath. Now that the introductions are complete…


View original 433 more words

Audio Book week = Give away ! Cat Forsley

book Give away :)

book Give away :)



So Just Like the quote card I made in my Last Post ……

easy peasy …..

I will pick by Friday the 8th of November 


I will show The quote cards On Monday the 11th 

and they will redirect to the artists sites :)

Wishing You a Creative Rest Of the week …..

Cat Forsley

100 Days Of Love – Cat Forsley – My audio Book is Out :)

100 Days Of Love  Cat Forsley

100 Days Of Love Cat Forsley

Happy Weekend !

The Degrassi Show was sooo FUN

to Hear My Voice on National TV

kinda  made me feel like a Happy Kid …….

My Audio Book  is Out and I am so Pleased with it !

It was Indeed a Labour of Love to write and Speak .

It Came out Yesterday – ALL Saints Day

But I was a little exhausted ………….

Halloween ? Maybe ……

So I am Posting It today

Here is The synopsis of my Book ….

“100 Days of Love is a metaphysical journey through the language of two lovers into One . 

Rich with Childlike Truths and whimsy: Cat Forsley’s Prose lends itself to her own lyrical world. Cat is the front woman for As The City Rumbles Underneath, considers herself a “Full on artist ” and has lent her talents to all kinds of activism . She lives in Toronto  and has traveled the world extensively .This new book of prose was written with her every day passion and vital optimism for life .”

It can be purchased

on CD BABY and iTunes

Here are the Links




Since, I am Self Published – I am Taking my time with Promotion etc .

I want To do everything my way .


I will be Giving away 3 audio books next week …..

It will have to do with making Quote cards ….

Like This One I made .

Trust - 100 Days of Love - Cat Forsley

Trust – 100 Days of Love – Cat Forsley

This One is from my piece called “Trust ”  #12

If You mouse over the individual pieces on iTunes and CDBaby

You can hear Previews of my work


I will let You Guys know next week …..

Musically , There is a lot Going on !

and it is all amazing .

A new Video

a New song ……..

So Happy weekend ………

and I will see You next week ……

Cat Forsley

On Degrassi Oct 31 – Episode 1313 :)

Check out the trailer for episode 1313  ’Who Do You Think You Are?’ and don’t forget to tune in to an all-new Degrassi Thursday at 9e/6p on MTV!

Check out the trailer for episode 1313 ’Who Do You Think You Are?’ and don’t forget to tune in to an all-new Degrassi Thursday at 9e/6p on MTV!

So Our song

Hearts Expire is on Degrassi tomorrow night = Halloween Night :)

Here is our Video once again ……

so cool To have a song licensed to such a fun Show !

Exciting Times and so much Good stuff ahead :)

Cat Forsley !