“Perspective ..” She Said by Cat Forsley ©

Cat Forsley ©


“Perspective …”

She Said -

As She Opened her petals one by one .

Slowly – Languidly She Opened

To Reveal the inner most truth of whom she Is

I imagine a speech bubble  above her inner core:

Like A Child Draws

Like a Child Loves

Like a Child Does

A World Within Her

Yet she is Tiny

And Blooms For just a  few days .

I Find Joy and Grace in her Little words

Her Unfolding Nature

Nature Unfolds Her .

She is simple yet holds a miracle

in all her gestures

She is Born Of Earth and Air and Water

Lives – Lives – Lives

Blooms to Full capacity

and then she Fades and withers

Her Petals drop

One By One

Leaving Proof That she was here .

“Perspective “

She said That one afternoon

When The Earth was spinning

at speed I cannot even comprehend

In My Mind

“Perspective ……..”

and she said more …..

“We are worlds within worlds and specks of littleness that No one can see .

A dot

But a Universe as well”

And then she added ….

“To Really Know Yourself

You have to have perspective.

You are Nothing and everything

You are Just a Heart in a Body.

The Only Thing You leave behind when You Go

is Love ….”

An Inner Dialogue with a Flower

A Tulip

Is a wonderful way To Spend The day …

Cat Forsley ©