Immersed Cat Forsley ©

Immersed in Music -Poetry- Art 

And i don’t Think  this phase of life will ever end ….

No Time To Think 

Only Create 

Which takes – No Thinking -

Only Feeling – Which Pours Out directly From The Heart …

Cat Forsley ©

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60 thoughts on “Immersed Cat Forsley ©

  1. THE salmon —- lol
    Enjoy Fishing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope You got all the 123 Greeting Cards :) lol
    Hope It didn’t bombard Your email ,….xx
    See You soon In Ottawa ….
    Can’t wait to come home for a bit …….
    Big hugs to you and Mom ….
    Your Daughter xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Soma Star – Thank You :)
    I am one gratefullllllllllllllllll Cat ……….:) xoxoxo
    You are an awesome lady …….

    This is me …..! Saying Love Love Love xoxoxoxo
    In a Mood of happiness that I didn’t think was ever ever gonna wash over me :) Uber gratefullllllll Uber summer in my step – and so Thankful for our friendship xoxoxoxo

  3. I missed You This weekend ……..
    i did ……
    Looking forward To What You write from Your Pearly heart next ….
    and congrats again to You for making that awesome page on fb-
    You are for sure helping out sooooooooooooooooooo many hearts – with Your heart :)
    love xo

  4. Your voice Cat… so dreamy and beautiful, so crisp and clear. I’m sure, if you were ever to read the news on television, it would change the world. ♥

  5. Anette ……MY God- I have No words for your response …….!
    So very beautiful of You To write this ……… :) I love You my uber uber creative friend ..xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Cat and a million thanks xx
    I am totally loving spoken word …………because of its intimacy and heart centred- ness .xoxoxoxoxo

  6. I am so Glad Robyn !!!!!!!!!
    Thank You so much :)
    I am Going To be doing Tons of spoken word this summer ….
    Thanks so much for listening xoxo

  7. Excited for you Cat!! Love spoken word poetry…. actually featured a young artist who does this in one of my posts (Sara Kay)…here it the link if you are interested…she’s phenomenal…

    I think this is a fantastic avenue for you – you are very talented and loved this – will look forward to more from you :) Best Always, RL

  8. So welcome… she’s actually someone I discovered through a friend… She’s pretty awesome. She has 2 on the TED clip – be sure to catch the one at end too. I think your voice quality is perfect for this work too CAT… good luck and I will be on lookout for more :) Much Love ~

  9. I just saw and Listened on Ted….
    amazing amazing ………….
    Yes i am a Huge listener ……..
    Caroline Casey – and I put a link to her – at the bottom of my site – with the little graphic that says – HUMAN HEART – She Moved me – so much when her Talk came out ………and i have been Listening to Ted ever since …….
    It’s funny RL because i don’t view this as work at all – even though- using my voice would be a lovely career ……..:)
    When i speak poetry into my computer – i feel a sort of elation and freedom – it’s not work – it’s solace and pure dream coming through .
    I just close my eyes and speak .
    Thanks so much for your thoughts on This ……
    There will be ton more this summer …..
    with or without music – it doesn’t matter –
    I just Know when To speak my heart = and when to record it ………
    Much Love to You Robyn and
    yes ….. Thank You :) xx

  10. you go girl (~_~) kinda like jazz… deep, pure, wrap your words around my heart and continue on… bravo, encore… more!!!
    I can so relate, the creative bug bites us… (me, I am trying a childrens book with enlightenment stories… mainly to teach my daughter and then it hit me…. this is catching… I’ll post it when I am done…

    then you go and blow me away with this poem/music art… your amazing (~_~)

  11. Encore Pour Toi Art !!!!! Bravo Art – I think that’s amazing what You are doing ! A kids Book —- Wow …….
    My Fave stories …:)
    You Daughter will adore that :) All Your readers …..and Friends ——- LIKE ME – :) will love that …….

    Thank You for the beautiful comment –
    It’s pure reflection on whom You are ……….
    I love You My friend – and always always sending prayers to Alan …….
    he is a hero ………… He made it through – Tell him I say Hello and I sent You the Foo Fighters “Hero” On Your site ….
    That was for You and Him ………
    For what You do Art – in Your daily Life – that is indeed heroic !
    and for your brother that made it through something i can only empathize with ……
    I cannot even imagine ……….But He made it Through – and that is what is Amazing …..!
    That’s Life ………..
    Please tell me when Your story is done!!!!!!
    Pls – !
    There is no power in the apt building i live in tomorrow and thurs – they are doing some kind of overhaul with HYDRO-
    So I will not online ….well – they turn it back on at 6pm …… and we are having a big heatwave ….Humid …. I like it though ….
    But Wednesday and Friday ! Yes …..back To creating and checking Up on You and Your stories…..
    Always always always friends …….
    Cat xo

  12. This is really nice Cat and your voice enhances it
    with a vision of happiness within, something for all
    to enjoy :) Keep writing you music and lyrics as you
    have a gift my wickedly sweet young friend :) :)

    Have a lovely Wednesday Cat :)

    Androgoth XXx

  13. Excellent and enjoy every thought,
    as the creativity flows within all of us :) :)
    It just needs to be tapped into for the
    true measure of it all, though you have
    a natural talent Cat so enjoy everything :)

    Androgoth XXX

  14. Thank You Andro …
    I just need to focus a bit more —————
    i have to get totally immersed ! lol
    and not do anything else which is difficult to do at time ………
    and yes to enjoying life 100000000000000000000000% :)
    rest well ….:)
    zzzz…………….. Cat :)

  15. Yes it is past 02.30 hrs here so i need to grab my candle and watch out for any of those wayward skeletons, it’s not easy navigating past the tomb of wickedness with just a candle and a dodgy night shirt you know? ;) lol goodnight kiddo and be good :) if you like I mean? :) lol

    Androgoth XXx

  16. That’s Lovely Eric …..
    Thank You :)
    Working on a new one today …..
    That’s if i don’t melt here ….. again …….
    heat wave !!!!!!!!!!!
    wishing You all the best
    always xo

  17. Hi !!!! Good morning :)
    another uk word i love “dodgy”
    nobody says that here ….lol :)
    Hope You had a good night
    I watched this silly movie called “Wanderlust ”
    Totally silly ……
    and then zonked out from the heat …..
    wishing you a beautiful day – and thank you always for the laughter :) xo

  18. Zonked Out is something that I used to say a lot a few years ago and now that you have reminded me of that word I might start using it again :) How wicked

    Glad you managed to get some sleep in that awful heat you have there :) Have a funtastic rest of day Cat :)

    Androgoth XXx

  19. LOL I think it’s kinda my 90′s talk :) lol ……i have no idea……
    i still say “Wicked awesome ” that’s from living in Boston !
    I did sleep like a rock – and am really mellow ……
    the heat melts my brain !!!!!! lol
    I think the heat is gonna let up on Friday ……..
    I think i have adjusted ………………
    lol …………
    But i got enough ice to make an igloo in my apt …lol ;) xoxo

  20. Here it is a mixed bag weather wise, like today has been rather hot, not in your league but for the UK it has been okay and now it is cool having just rained zombies and skeletons, okay cats and dogs then :) lol I thought that I was the only person in the world that said wicked and awesome so you have made my day being that you also use those words :) Hey have you been over to pancake land yet? I’ve only just powered up the pc :)

    Androgoth XXx

  21. LOLOL pancake land !!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    i was there super early this morning —————–
    then i wrote a bit and just had to shut down this computer ————i will get back there soon for sure ………. :) :) xx

  22. Yes I am just doing my rounds and then it will be over to see Fraz, make sure that he hasn’t eaten more than his share of the pancake mixes, he certainly enjoys a good pancake or ten :) lol

    Androgoth XXx

  23. Okay …… C u There later ……..
    I am just finishing up some poetry – spoken word – stuff ——–Fraz – yeah gotta watch out for too much pancake eating ——
    I can’t even think of eating food that is even lukewarm right now :) xo
    C u later xo

  24. I had a nice tea earlier so I am rather full, or should I say ‘Pogged’ as that is an old saying from where I live :) :)

    Catch you later in Wombania Cat :)

    Androgoth XXx

  25. “Pogged ” loves it !!!! never heard it before …..:)
    It’s hyper visual !!!!!!!!!!
    I like English high tea ….so much :)
    I think I could eat the scones all day :) with the clotted cream …..
    First Time i went to England – 1997 – i came home weighing 10lbs more …..
    it was from the scones ………. :) lol
    See You In wombania !!!!! xx

  26. Yes and I like strawberry jam on mine too, as it sweetens the scone to perfection :) You must try that Cat you will love the taste :) Pogged is from where I come from so will not be a well known term for others in the UK :)

    Androgoth XXx

  27. I am still laughing ……….. !!!!!!!!
    it’s like saying i am so full but the visual of it .,………… LOLOLOLOLOL :)
    Big hugs Andro …..
    I gotta write a bit o music and now i think i am gonna imagine myself into The North Pole for a bit …..:)

  28. Here it is nice and cool :)

    Perhaps you need a long
    cooling time in the tub? :)
    Listening to your favourite
    tunes of course…

    Well that should cool you down…

    Androgoth XXx

  29. I have stuff to do ……..
    but i can’t move …….lol ……..
    i think i am almost done creating stuff today …….
    still thinking about igloos and turning off the sun ….lolololololol
    pls stop making me laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    can’t believe i am actually writing that but ——- hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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